is your attic well-ventilated?

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is your attic well-ventilated?

The ventilation in your attic has a direct impact on how cool and warm you can keep your home. If you don't have a well-ventilated attic, the attic temperatures will cause the temperatures inside your home to increase during the summer and cause moisture problems in the winter. How much ventilation does an attic really need? Your local HVAC technician can help you inspect and determine if your attic is adequately ventilated. My blog will show you the basics about attic ventilation to give you a good idea of what needs to happen to keep your home comfortable and protected from moisture.

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Key Repair Tips For Ductwork That Negatively Impacts Home's Cooling System

The ductwork in your home is what your AC unit relies on to transport cool air. If this part ever becomes damaged, here are some repair tips that can keep you protected from even more severe complications. 

Map Out the Ductwork First

In order to fix ductwork-related problems effectively and efficiently, you first need to see where these materials are in your home. Their layout can vary depending on where your AC unit is and how your home is currently laid out. You just need to figure out the location of this ductwork.

Then you can perform relevant inspections that ultimately show what issues need to be repaired, whether it's holes, cracks, or misaligned sections. Fortunately, you can hire an AC contractor to map out this ductwork. Then you'll know where to check in your household and what to ultimately repair before long.

Make Sure Repair is Code-Compliant

Whatever is wrong with your home's ductwork, you want to make sure your repair is code-compliant. It needs to be in order for you to avoid fines and have an easier time selling your home later on in the future if you decide to move.

You just need to see what repair is necessary for ductwork and then see what measures will help you stay in line with residential building codes. For instance, if you need to patch over a hole, you need to see what repair materials are acceptable. Then you can carry out ductwork repairs confidently.

Alleviate Blockage Quickly

Something that can happen over time with your AC unit's ductwork is blockage. When this happens, the airflow will be greatly restricted and this can lead to an inefficient AC unit. Then it won't last nearly as long as it should. It's thus important that you take care of this blockage quickly before you do serious harm to your home's AC unit.

Find out where the blockage is and see what will help you remove it. If you can't get to the blockage, you'll need to hire an AC repair contractor. They have special tools that you may not have access to, making blockage removal easy to carry out.

If you suffer a problem with your ducts and it leads to AC-related issues, such as inefficiency, you need to figure out the appropriate repair fast. Finding out where your ducts are and executing thorough inspections can help you take the right repair measures. 

For more information, contact a home AC repair service near you.