is your attic well-ventilated?

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is your attic well-ventilated?

The ventilation in your attic has a direct impact on how cool and warm you can keep your home. If you don't have a well-ventilated attic, the attic temperatures will cause the temperatures inside your home to increase during the summer and cause moisture problems in the winter. How much ventilation does an attic really need? Your local HVAC technician can help you inspect and determine if your attic is adequately ventilated. My blog will show you the basics about attic ventilation to give you a good idea of what needs to happen to keep your home comfortable and protected from moisture.

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4 Annoying Problems Air Conditioning Repair Will Save You From

Having a working air conditioner during the hot summer months is crucial. If it breaks down during a heat wave, you can be extremely uncomfortable in your home. This will not only frustrate you, but it can potentially endanger the lives of your children and older parents. To avoid this, it's important to have your air conditioner repaired as soon as possible when you notice any issues. Luckily, air conditioning repair companies can help you fix the problem quickly. Here are four annoying problems they'll save you from:

Uneven Cooling

If one side of your room is significantly cooler than the other, your AC unit could be having a problem. This issue occurs when the air conditioner's compressor isn't functioning properly, leading to uneven air distribution to the rooms. If you don't want to be stuck with a lopsided temperature in your home, it's best to get this issue resolved by a professional as soon as possible. A contractor will fix the problem and restore comfort in your home.

Weird Noises

Strange noises coming from your AC unit are never a good sign. If you ignore them, they may get worse. These sounds are produced when the parts inside the unit are not working correctly. A hissing noise could signal that your AC compressor is malfunctioning, while a rattling noise could mean something is loose inside the unit. If you wait too long to fix these problems, they could cause damage to your AC unit and lead to more expensive repairs. An AC repair technician will examine your appliance, fix the broken parts, and get it up and running again.

High Energy Bills

If your energy bills have been gradually increasing, even though you haven't been using your AC unit daily, it's probably time for a repair. Air conditioners are notorious for sapping energy, so a broken unit may only make the problem worse. By getting it repaired, you'll avoid those high costs and keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.

Constant Cycling

If your air conditioner is constantly turning on and off, it's most likely due to an issue with the thermostat. When the thermostat is not working properly, your appliance will cycle on and off more frequently, wasting energy and driving up your utility bills. Hiring a professional air conditioner repair technician to fix your thermostat will help you avoid this problem and improve your unit's efficiency.

When your AC breaks down, it can be a real pain. Luckily you can avoid most of them by simply calling an AC repair service. They will fix your system and restore its functionality, saving you from suffering through the heat wave.