is your attic well-ventilated?

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is your attic well-ventilated?

The ventilation in your attic has a direct impact on how cool and warm you can keep your home. If you don't have a well-ventilated attic, the attic temperatures will cause the temperatures inside your home to increase during the summer and cause moisture problems in the winter. How much ventilation does an attic really need? Your local HVAC technician can help you inspect and determine if your attic is adequately ventilated. My blog will show you the basics about attic ventilation to give you a good idea of what needs to happen to keep your home comfortable and protected from moisture.

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Do You Want To Install A Ductless Mini-Split AC In Your Business? 4 Benefits

In the wake of summer, temperatures are soaring, making it hard to bear the scorching atmosphere. With your commercial property, customer service is your utmost priority; hence, you must install an air handler to help you regulate indoor temperatures. Whereas there are various cooling options, a ductless mini-split is ideal for your commercial facility as it is partitioned, thus meeting different cooling needs. Therefore, you should contact an AC specialist to install a ductless mini-split AC to cool specific parts in your building conveniently. Below are the benefits of installing a mini-split AC. 

They Are Versatile

Ductless mini-split ACs can heat and cool depending on the prevailing weather conditions. During winter, you can use your mini-split AC as a heat pump, eliminating the need to purchase a furnace. Consequently, your employees will be more comfortable all year round, making them more productive as they undertake their tasks. Therefore, it is crucial that an AC repair expert installs a ductless mini-split AC integrated with a furnace to provide optimum working temperatures in your facility to increase staff productivity.

They Are More Energy Efficient

As a business owner, your primary concern is overhead, especially the monthly utility expenses. Mini-split systems allow you to control the temperature of a single room while keeping the building at a moderate temperature. This reduces your energy consumption as you do not waste energy trying to cool the entire facility, especially if some rooms are not occupied. Besides mini-split systems being highly energy-efficient, they are not duct-dependent, eliminating the duct-cleaning costs.

They Improve the Indoor Air Quality

A ductless system draws air directly from the exterior without the risk of blowing contaminants if there is a duct. This is because ducts deteriorate, leaking air and absorbing dust and debris from the unconditioned areas and distributing it to the rooms. Moreover, as the mini-split units are furnace-integrated, they have a multi-stage filtration process that eliminates pollutants in the air. Therefore, an installation will improve the air quality to avoid compromising your employees' health.

They Are Easy to Install

Ductless installation is not duct dependent hence taking a shorter time to complete than traditional ACs. Furthermore, you do not have to mount the unit on the wall as the indoor units can be placed on the floor or ceiling heads with only a few inches of holes required per connection. You will spend less on the system's installation with less ductwork and intrusions.

Ductless systems are great cooling options for your commercial facility as it is frequented with various needs. Therefore, you should contact an AC contractor to install a ductless mini-split AC and service it regularly for a conducive working environment 

For more info about air conditioning installation, contact a local HVAC company.