is your attic well-ventilated?

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is your attic well-ventilated?

The ventilation in your attic has a direct impact on how cool and warm you can keep your home. If you don't have a well-ventilated attic, the attic temperatures will cause the temperatures inside your home to increase during the summer and cause moisture problems in the winter. How much ventilation does an attic really need? Your local HVAC technician can help you inspect and determine if your attic is adequately ventilated. My blog will show you the basics about attic ventilation to give you a good idea of what needs to happen to keep your home comfortable and protected from moisture.

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3 Things An AC Repair Professional Can Tell You During Your Appointment

If you are having problems with your air conditioning unit, then you might be planning on scheduling an appointment with an air conditioning repair service. If you hire the right technician and if you are willing to chat with the technician for a little while during the appointment, then you might be surprised by all of the information that they can give you. These are some of the things that an AC repair technician should be able to tell you during your appointment.

1. What Is Wrong With Your Air Conditioning Unit

The primary reason why you are probably calling an air conditioning repair professional is probably so that you can find out what is wrong with your home's air conditioning unit. Many air conditioning repair technicians are surprisingly patient and good at describing air conditioning issues to their customers. This can allow you to learn a little something, and you might even learn about what you can do to prevent similar issues in the future. For example, your air conditioning repair technician might tell you that debris has gotten caught in your outdoor air conditioning unit due to weeds growing around your unit. If this is the case, then you can learn more about keeping the area around your unit clean so that you can avoid these issues in the future.

2. How Much It Will Cost to Repair Your Unit

Of course, not only will you probably want to know what is wrong with your air conditioning unit, but you will probably also want to know how much you will have to spend in order to fix it. Again, an air conditioning repair technician should be able to help you with this. Typically, these professionals give their customers detailed breakdowns of pricing so that they understand what they will be charged and why.

3. Whether or Not It's Time to Replace Your Unit

In many cases, faulty air conditioning systems can be repaired. However, in many situations, it becomes the case that it's actually best to replace the unit completely. This happens when a unit is old enough that it probably will not hold up much longer or when it doesn't operate efficiently anymore. When an air conditioning repair professional comes to your home and takes a look at your air conditioning unit, they should be able to let you know whether or not it's time for you to purchase a new air conditioning unit. They might go over the benefits of installing a new unit and might help you choose a unit that is right for your home. Then, they can talk to you about how much it will cost to install the unit and can help you schedule an appointment for your installation.