is your attic well-ventilated?

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is your attic well-ventilated?

The ventilation in your attic has a direct impact on how cool and warm you can keep your home. If you don't have a well-ventilated attic, the attic temperatures will cause the temperatures inside your home to increase during the summer and cause moisture problems in the winter. How much ventilation does an attic really need? Your local HVAC technician can help you inspect and determine if your attic is adequately ventilated. My blog will show you the basics about attic ventilation to give you a good idea of what needs to happen to keep your home comfortable and protected from moisture.

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Answers To Questions About Common Toilet Problems

Your toilet is likely one of the most used plumbing appliances in your home. However, it can be common for individuals to have a poor understanding of how they should address some of the more routine issues that can arise with their toilets. By learning the answers to the following few questions about routine toilet issues, you will be in a better position for addressing these issues.

What Can You Do About Condensation Accumulating On The Exterior Of The Toilet?

Condensation forming on the exterior of the toilet can be among the more common issues that you may encounter. This can be particularly true for those living in areas with high humidity. While this may not seem like it is a particularly serious problem for your toilet to experience, this condensation can gradually cause extensive water damage to the floor around the toilet. This occurs because the moisture runs down the sides of the toilet.

Luckily, it is possible for you to avoid this issue by lowering the humidity in the room. Placing silica gel or a dehumidifier in the bathroom may be sufficient for eliminating this problem. If this is not effective, you may want to schedule an inspection by a heating and ventilation professional to improve the airflow in the bathroom to help any condensation evaporate more quickly.

Why Is The Toilet Running When It Has Not Been Flushed Recently?

Having a toilet that is running when it has not been flushed recently can be a very wasteful problem. Over the course of time, this can cause you to drastically overpay on your water expenses. Fortunately, this is a fairly routine problem that may be a relatively simple fix.

A running toilet can often be attributed to an issue with either the fill valve or the seal at the bottom of the reservoir. You should insert the seal at the bottom of the reservoir to ensure that it has not been damaged. If you notice that it is bent or otherwise warped or torn, you should replace it.

When the problem is stemming from the flow valve, you will likely need to replace the bobber that floats in your reservoir. This is designed to float at the top of the water, and it is attached to a lever that will start or stop the flow of water into the reservoir. Over time, this part can lose its ability to float, which can prevent it from activating the lever. To replace it, you will simply need to unscrew the old float and screw the new one into place.

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